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How to make test automation reliable, scalable and high-available in large organizations

Speakers: Berk Kibarer


“Automation” is not just a hot topic today but is a must-have for technology companies. In large organizations with many products -digital services in our case such as Fizy, Tv plus, Lifebox, Dergilik and goes on…-, it becomes a challenge to build and apply organization-level standards for all teams.
In Turkcell Technology, we needed a testing tool to let each team plan, organize and run their tests in a centralized manner. In order to provide such a tool, we’ve overcome the following issues;
– Scalability: The tool’s features should fit each and every team’s needs.
– Living documentation: The tool should provide enough space to let test developers & analysts express domain language in their tests.
– Easy to use: The tool should have a short learning-curve and adaptation period.
– Maintainability: Test maintenance should take minimum effort and time.
– Adaptability to shift-left approach: The tool should not just run stand-alone but also should be integrated with development pipelines at any point.
– High-availability: The tool should be available to respond all requests coming from all services.
– Self-learner & analyzer: The tool should analyze the all the data we get from reports, logs etc… to provide the teams alternative scenarios and predictions.
– Reliability: The tool itself should be reliable so that it would be acceptable to count on it and change pipeline strategies…

That is how “Friday” has happened. Friday uses a micro-service based -polyglot architecture- infrastructure and built on top of Spring Cloud Netflix Ecosystem… So, this presentation aims to provide an overview about how Turkcell Technology deals with test automation and also reveals the way we think of what is coming up next…

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